BYU’s SNA Chapter: Influencing Nursing Students On a National Level.

This past April, the College of Nursing was awarded the SNA Stellar Chapter award by the National Student Nurses’ Association. This award is given every 5 years to schools who place high emphasis on helping their students develop though SNA.  BYU is incredibly lucky to have faculty who value the experiences SNA provides students, andContinue reading “BYU’s SNA Chapter: Influencing Nursing Students On a National Level.”

SNA: Helping Students Stay Connected During Covid-19.

Photo: SNA board members showing off merchandise The Presidency of BYU’s chapter of the student nurses’ association (SNA) has been working hard to provide students with opportunities to serve, connect, and have fun while following the College of Nursing’s COVID-19 policies. Newly-elected activities director Allison Lee says, “We have to plan far in advance, soContinue reading “SNA: Helping Students Stay Connected During Covid-19.”