5 Reasons (Or More) to Take N320 Online

By Corbin Smith In times past it has been said that nursing courses must be taken in-person to make the greatest impact and maximize learning. Many say that online nursing courses limit a student’s ability to connect with patients and receive quality training and practice. Critics even go far enough to say that nursing coursesContinue reading “5 Reasons (Or More) to Take N320 Online”

NLC Sweethearts: Two BYU Nursing Students Get Hitched

Nursing students Robert Kemsley and Julia Lee in the Nursing Learning Center. By Quincey Taylor There are a lot of things you will find in the nursing program. You will find challenge, teamwork, problems to solve, and maybe a little stress. But for nursing students Julia Lee and Robert Kemsley, there is something more thatContinue reading “NLC Sweethearts: Two BYU Nursing Students Get Hitched”