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Living in Harmony with Nursing


BYU Philharmonic Orchestra Performance. Photo courtesy of Utley.

By Quincey Taylor

First semester nursing student Morgan Utley has a lot on her plate. Not only did she get accepted to the nursing program in January, but she is one of only two current nursing students that are performers in the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra. They will be performing on the 13th of February, 2019.

Utley’s passion for nursing started when her grandpa moved from Montana to Utah to stay in an assisted-care facility. He has had advanced Parkinson’s disease since he was 32. Because he was now closer to where she was living, Utley was able to see him more often. She says, “I started to spend a lot more time with him, and I just found that I liked bonding with him and other patients at the care facility. I ended up talking to the nurses there a lot, finding out what they do and trying to understand why they were giving him certain medications. I subconsciously got so involved in his care and even the treatment of other patients, that I decided this was something I should try in school.” Utley then started the dramatic switch from music to nursing major.

At the same time, Utley started volunteering at Intermountain Medical Center to see if nursing was a good fit. She was immediately placed in the ICU after telling hospital administrators, “Give me your hardest unit. Don’t put me at the info desk, I want to know if this is something I want to do!” She loved taking the prerequisites for the program and feels that, “Everything just clicked.”

Balancing the two passions is not always easy. When asked how she does it, Utley comments, “Honestly, it’s tough. I don’t want to completely give up music. It’s a part of me, it’s something I’ve been doing since I was seven years old. It’s a class I really enjoy, and it helps me stay well-rounded.” She hopes this skill will eventually help her get into a master’s program, especially considering colleges are partial to students with additional skills and passions outside the medical field.

Utley plans to continue playing the viola for “the Phil” until she graduates, although she recognizes that sometimes her nursing obligations will need to take precedent. For now, she will continue to show up to orchestra practice — clad in her hospital scrubs.

The Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing on February 13th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available in the HFAC. Notorious for pushing the limits of university-level orchestras, they will be performing Brahm’s 3 (which many schools would consider out of the skill range of their students), an original piece written by a BYU composition major student, and a never-recorded Argentine piece written in the late 1800’s.








Student Spotlight: Sarah Chapple

By Mindy Longhurst


An image of Sarah Chapple with the Women’s Chorus director Jean Applonie and others. Image courtesy of Chapple.

Ever since Sarah Chapple was little she had two major passions: singing and nursing. She applies both of these passions by being a first semester nursing student and a member of BYU Women’s Chorus. Her love for singing developed as a child, while learning how to play the piano. Chapple and her older sister would practice harmonizing the hymns, and her love for music took off from there.

Chapple discovered her love for nursing while being around younger children. Chapple has always loved taking care of and helping babies. This passion for helping others inspired her to want to study nursing. Of her desire to study nursing, Chapple says, “What helped me to decide to continue pursuing nursing is how dedicated I was even though I knew it would be hard. That made me feel if I wasn’t supposed to do it, I wouldn’t want to do it so badly.”

Chapple started performing in Women’s Chorus her first semester at BYU. This is her fourth semester in Women’s Chorus and she has loved every minute of it! Chapple explains, “Women’s Chorus has been a really good outlet to have a passion while being busy with school and college life. Something that I really like about Women’s Chorus is that Sister Applonie integrates a holistic approach to teaching so that we focus on the AIMs of BYU. We talk about how to increase our spirituality while we are learning about music and while we are developing our skills. We also learn what we can do to be more in tune with ourselves, including how to stay healthy both spiritually and emotionally. It is about making us better people.”


An image of Chapple (front row, center) and her family after a Women’s Chorus performance. Image courtesy of Chapple.

Juggling nursing school and Women’s Chorus at times has been challenging. Women’s Chorus meets Monday through Wednesday and on Friday. Luckily, Sister Applonie, the director of Women’s Chorus has been able to work with Chapple’s nursing schedule.

This semester during Women’s Chorus, they have had several shows including a choir showcase, a performance at a BYU devotional, BYU Spectacular! and a Christmas showcase concert. During the BYU Spectacular! performance this year, the Women’s Chorus sang an arrangement of “This Is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman. During this song, each of the 180 women of Women’s Chorus dressed up in an outfit that represents who they really are. Naturally, Chapple chose to wear her BYU College of Nursing scrubs. She says, “They gave us some ideas for what to use as costumes, and one of them was scrubs! And so, I signed up to wear my College of Nursing scrubs. I am really proud to be in the nursing program and excited about it, so I’ll wear my scrubs whenever I can. The song is “This Is Me” and this really is me! I am learning how to be a nurse and I love taking care of people. This was a great way for me to show my passion.”