I Would Run 100 Miles: Dr. Michael Thomas’s Ultramarathon

By Lyndee Johns Assistant teaching professor Dr. Michael Thomas will run 50 miles and he will run 50 more, just to be the man who ran 100 miles. All under 48 hours. On February 14–15, 2020, Thomas participated in the Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival in Las Vegas. The Festival offers timed races (runners run/walk as farContinue reading “I Would Run 100 Miles: Dr. Michael Thomas’s Ultramarathon”

Lets Talk About It!

By Corbin Smith One of the world’s greatest tragedies has to be the normalization of mental illness and sexual assault among adults. Terms such as “depression” and “anxiety” have become ordinary to us.  We are no longer completely surprised when we see horrifying cases of rape and assault constantly in the news. The sad truthContinue reading “Lets Talk About It!”