Who Let the English Major in Here?

By Lyndee Johns This semester, when people asked me where I worked, my finger didn’t (metaphorically) point in the direction of the Harold B. Lee Library, or the Jesse Knight Building, or even the Joseph F. Smith Building—all familiar haunts of the Brigham Young University English major. I pointed at the Kimball Tower, home ofContinue reading “Who Let the English Major in Here?”

I Would Run 100 Miles: Dr. Michael Thomas’s Ultramarathon

By Lyndee Johns Assistant teaching professor Dr. Michael Thomas will run 50 miles and he will run 50 more, just to be the man who ran 100 miles. All under 48 hours. On February 14–15, 2020, Thomas participated in the Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival in Las Vegas. The Festival offers timed races (runners run/walk as farContinue reading “I Would Run 100 Miles: Dr. Michael Thomas’s Ultramarathon”