Alumni Spotlight: Rachael Andrews

By Brooklyn Murray Meet our next alumni spotlight, Rachael Andrews (BS ’03)! Though born in the United States, Rachael grew up in Hong Kong and graduated from high school there. Her years at BYU were some of the first she experienced in the United States. After graduating, Rachael and her husband moved around the countryContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Rachael Andrews”

Virginia Jefferies’ Convocation Speech: Courageous in the Face of Fear

Master’s program graduate Virginia Jefferies and her son. Excerpt from Virginia Jefferies’ convocation address, delivered on April 25, 2019. I didn’t think that I could ever become a nurse.  I was so afraid of blood and needles. When I was little, I passed out at my cousin’s house when he stapled his thumb, I passedContinue reading “Virginia Jefferies’ Convocation Speech: Courageous in the Face of Fear”