Becoming an FNP: Giving a Voice to Society’s Most Vulnerable

By Emily Felt In 2017, Atalie Bradshaw was a regular BYU Nursing graduate, excited to apply her knowledge of “the Healers art” in her career. Since then, she has cared for thousands of people in various units, the most recent being in the Covid and Respiratory/Sepsis units at Utah Valley Hospital. Today, because of herContinue reading “Becoming an FNP: Giving a Voice to Society’s Most Vulnerable”

BYU to Columbia: A Dream Come True

By Corbin Smith Our students here at the BYU College of Nursing are incredible. Each one of them consistently inspire us with their work ethic and dedication to learning the Healer’s art. That commitment is obvious for all of us here on campus, in labs and classes. Off campus and even across the nation, ourContinue reading “BYU to Columbia: A Dream Come True”