Airplanes and Game-Shows. Welcome to BYU, Denise Cummins!

By Corbin Smith Listen up all you travel-junkies and game show fanatics! New faculty member Denise Cummins (AS ’86) is someone you have to meet! For the inner adventurer in you, you can go ask Cummins about the more than 10 countries that she has visited in her lifetime! She has gone places like EnglandContinue reading “Airplanes and Game-Shows. Welcome to BYU, Denise Cummins!”

Nurses with Shin Guards

By Quincey Taylor Nursing students get ready for a game. Image courtesy of McKenzie Phillips. If any injuries occur on the intramural soccer field, the injured can trust that they are in good hands. This fall semester, a team completely comprised of BYU nursing students came together to play intramural soccer. As these students strengthenContinue reading “Nurses with Shin Guards”