Student Spotlight: Skylar Tangren

By Corbin Smith One of the goals of the BYU College of Nursing is to help each student find their niche while in school. The college hopes that students will be introduced to an endless numbers of possibilities while in the program. For example, this week, the College of Nursing hosted a special Career NightContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Skylar Tangren”

CON Online Cheerleader: Alumna Marianna Pugmire

It really takes a village! Only with the support of alumni can the college continue to thrive. Photo courtesy of Pixabay. By Quincey Taylor Chances are, any College of Nursing Facebook post has a comment from alumna Marianna Pugmire. One of the college’s most vocal supporters, Pugmire (AS ‘67), never misses a chance to vocalizeContinue reading “CON Online Cheerleader: Alumna Marianna Pugmire”