Dr. Blaine Winters Receives the Red Cross Volunteer Services Award

In January of this year, the BYU College of Nursing’s very own associate teaching professor Dr. Blaine Winters was recognized with the Volunteer Services Award from the Red Cross. Dr. Winters is the Regional Nurse Leader for Utah and Nevada. His main responsibilities in that role are to recruit nurses to volunteer with the RedContinue reading “Dr. Blaine Winters Receives the Red Cross Volunteer Services Award”

“Whatever It Takes” to Make a Video

By Lyndee Johns Two nursing students stand on the roof of the Kimball Tower, lip-synching while two professors with masks and lab coats drum on trash cans, using PVC pipes as drumsticks. Not exactly the usual way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. But hey, it’s for a good cause. The Origin The “Whatever It Takes”Continue reading ““Whatever It Takes” to Make a Video”