Studio C puts the “C” in NLC

By Corbin Smith Trivia time. Ready? Are you sure? Name a comedy sketch show that finds its roots from BYU. It’s now in its 10th season, featuring brand new cast members this year! Do you know it yet? Maybe this will help. They are the creators of some viral comedy sketches you may remember. DoesContinue reading “Studio C puts the “C” in NLC”

Connecting Emotions in the Scriptures with Mental Health

“Jesus Wept: Emotions in the Scriptures” is the new exhibit in the Brigham Young University Education in Zion Gallery. Until mid-November 2018, viewers from all across campus have the opportunity to learn about emotions in the scriptures through interactive displays and thought-provoking visual aids. The exhibit is the second in a series by the EducationContinue reading “Connecting Emotions in the Scriptures with Mental Health”