Student Spotlight: Malery Duckworth

Meet our next student spotlight Malery Duckworth! She is a senior and has enjoyed her time in the nursing program. Malery has always had a love for BYU. When she was younger, she watched many BYU football games with her family, and although she grew up in Houston, Texas, she liked the idea of livingContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Malery Duckworth”

Student Spotlight: Courtney Lange

Meet Courtney Lange! She is from Meridian, Idaho, and came to BYU excited about its nursing program.  Courtney was fascinated with science and human anatomy and knew she wanted to do something in the medical field. She says patient interaction is what led her to nursing. Nurses get a unique opportunity to spend time withContinue reading “Student Spotlight: Courtney Lange”