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New Semester = New Students!


New Student Orientation was a wonderful opportunity for new nursing program students to get excited about the path ahead of them.

The 2020 winter semester has begun, and with it a new cohort of nursing students are welcomed into the college ranks. Each of these new students had the opportunity to attend the New Student Orientation, acquainting them with college officials and faculty members over dinner.


Assistant teaching professor Petr Ruda was eager to meet the students and tell them about Sigma, an organization they will have an opportunity to join later during their stay in the program.


This semester, 63 total students will be starting the nursing program, including 58 females and five males. The average age of these students is 21, and they come from 14 states and 2 countries:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming


Ice breakers helped students become familiar with each other, a group with whom they will undoubtedly become close.

Each of these students is embarking on a journey to learn the Healer’s art that will forever change their lives. The college welcomes them, with faculty eager to stretch their abilities and help them achieve their potential.


Yazmine Tovar, member of the SNA presidency, told her fellow students about the benefits of joining.

Students were introduced to student organizations they are encouraged to join by the clubs’ presidencies, including the Student Nurses Association and Nurses Empowering Women.


Electra Cochran introduced students to the newly formed club: Nurses Empowering Women (NEW). They are excited to inspire a new generation of women helping women.

For students farther through the semester, it was a time to reflect on their journey and marvel at how far they’ve come. Time in the program passes fast, and each student should take this opportunity and use it to its full potential.

Thanks, SNA For Another Great Year!

By Jessica Tanner

What do J-Dawgs, College of Nurses’ students, and a dunk-tank all have in common? All were at yesterday’s closing social for the Student Nursing Association. The society is student-run and works to coordinate events and help students become more involved in the community.

At the closing social, students were able to enjoy the crisp but sunny spring weather, eat food, chat, and dunk their favorite teacher or staff member. Assistant Teaching Professor Scott Summers was a particularly popular target as students got him back (in good humor) for a tough semester in his Pharmacology class.

SNA knows how to have fun. Izzy Algeier, SNA’s newly nominated president says that SNA strives to “provide different activities so that they can de-stress and be able to have fun, make relationships, and ultimately to become more unified as a college.”  They also know when to be professional. “Our vision is to help students…have professional opportunities while they’re in the nursing program,” says Algeier.

“It’s been awesome,” says Kami Christiansen, an SNA board member. “I got to go to the National Student Nursing Association conference. That was way fun.” At NSNA, students represented BYU and its values. “I’m grateful for it,” says Christiansen as she looks forward to future involvement.

The evening also included the announcements of the recipients of the SNA Scholarship. Congratulations to Jessica Daynes, Camille Johnson, Megan Western, Christina Hobson, and Katy Harrison. These students showed excellence in participating in several professional and service-oriented SNA events.

Thanks to all SNA members who have made these opportunities and events possible. We look forward to another year!