Establishing “Learning the Healer’s Art:” Dr. Mary William’s Retirement

After 41 years of heartfelt service to the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University, associate professor Dr. Mary Williams (BS ’71) retired July 1, 2019. As a student in 1967, caring faculty taught Williams the power of her potential, the love of nursing, and how to care for patients in the Savior’s way. AfterContinue reading “Establishing “Learning the Healer’s Art:” Dr. Mary William’s Retirement”

Mentoring the Next Generation: Dr. Linda Mabey

After a 30-year career teaching psychiatric nursing and mentoring students, Dr. Linda Mabey is retiring to expand her clinical practice, where she specializes in trauma treatment, as well as to pursue other interests. Mabey graduated from Idaho State University in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She began her career in labor and deliveryContinue reading “Mentoring the Next Generation: Dr. Linda Mabey”

Here’s to a Great Retirement!

By Mindy Longhurst A photo of Ken Robinson. Image courtesy of BYU Photo. Ken Robinson, the IT Manager for the College of Nursing, has been a great help to the College of Nursing. Robinson was trained in electronics while he was in the Air Force in his youth. Later, he received his degree in ComputerContinue reading “Here’s to a Great Retirement!”