SNA Activities Director Yazmine Tovar Encourages Students to Achieve

Yazmine Tovar (third from the left) finds new opportunities for growth wherever she goes. Photo courtesy of Tovar. BYU nursing students have big dreams, and fifth semester student Yazmine Tovar is no different. Since acceptance to the program, Tovar has looked for ways to get involved, including participating in BYU’s Student Nurses’ Association chapter. ThisContinue reading “SNA Activities Director Yazmine Tovar Encourages Students to Achieve”

Nurses Empowering Women: A NEW Opportunity

By Quincey Taylor The creation of this group by students Electra Cochran, Emma Beaumont, and Harper Forsgren promises exciting change to the BYU nursing student experience. Nurses will inevitably treat more women than men during their career. Therefore, it is vital for them to understand the unique issues that women experience in their lifetimes. ToContinue reading “Nurses Empowering Women: A NEW Opportunity”