What does the life of a BYU College of Nursing alum look like?

BYU nursing alum Bevan Briggs is so grateful for his time at the college. It has completely changed his perspective on nursing! Photo courtesy of Briggs. By Quincey Taylor As the interim academic director for Washington State University College of Nursing at WSU Tri-Cities in Spokane, Bevan Briggs (BS ’95) reflects often on his ownContinue reading “What does the life of a BYU College of Nursing alum look like?”

BYU to Columbia: A Dream Come True

By Corbin Smith Our students here at the BYU College of Nursing are incredible. Each one of them consistently inspire us with their work ethic and dedication to learning the Healer’s art. That commitment is obvious for all of us here on campus, in labs and classes. Off campus and even across the nation, ourContinue reading “BYU to Columbia: A Dream Come True”

DAISY Awards Are Back, With A Special New Addition!

By Corbin Smith Another semester is under full swing, which means one thing: DAISY Awards! The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University continues to partner with the DAISY Foundation to recognize nursing professors and students who show extraordinary compassion and exemplify the Healer’s art. The DAISY award was founded after the death of PatrickContinue reading “DAISY Awards Are Back, With A Special New Addition!”

The Universal Language of Healthcare – Being a Medical Interpreter

The skills to interpret Spanish in medical settings have become very useful for student Page Turley. Photo courtesy of Turley. By Quincey Taylor When sixth semester student Page Turley found herself in Peruvian hospitals with her companions during her mission, little did she know that understanding medical Spanish would soon become her norm. Turley isContinue reading “The Universal Language of Healthcare – Being a Medical Interpreter”

Studio C puts the “C” in NLC

By Corbin Smith Trivia time. Ready? Are you sure? Name a comedy sketch show that finds its roots from BYU. It’s now in its 10th season, featuring brand new cast members this year! Do you know it yet? Maybe this will help. They are the creators of some viral comedy sketches you may remember. DoesContinue reading “Studio C puts the “C” in NLC”