Tutoring Resource for Nursing Students

Symbria Lewis is a fifth-semester nursing student who is also a program director with Y-Serve. “Y-Serve wants to become more involved and create tutoring opportunities specific to colleges, and the College of Nursing is their guinea pig,” Symbria explained. “I’m the liaison that handles communications between the College of Nursing and Y-Serve, and I amContinue reading “Tutoring Resource for Nursing Students”

Recap of the Fall 2022 MCI

Each semester, BYU Emergency Medical Services (EMTs), nursing students, the Department of Risk Management, and campus police participate in a mass casualty incident drill, or MCI. This drill helps emergency response teams around campus practice valuable skills and teaches nursing students how to operate in emergencies. This semester, the MCI was a simulated collapsed buildingContinue reading “Recap of the Fall 2022 MCI”