New Cohort Group Begins a BYU Nursing Graduate Degree

By Emily Felt The start of the spring semester is always exciting because it’s when we get a new cohort of master’s students. This year, we welcome 11 students from Virginia to right here in Provo. We’re also welcoming back seven BYU nursing alumni. When asked why she wants to become a family nurse practitioner,Continue reading “New Cohort Group Begins a BYU Nursing Graduate Degree”

5 Ways Nurses Change the World

Nurses advocate for others. Whether it is a sick infant, a struggling elder, or anything in between, nurses advocate for those who can’t do it themselves, no matter it be because of sickness or social injustices. May nurses continue to fight the fight of those who need allies in their fight for justice, both medically and socially. Let’s continue to change the world, one step at a time.