Studio C puts the “C” in NLC

By Corbin Smith Trivia time. Ready? Are you sure? Name a comedy sketch show that finds its roots from BYU. It’s now in its 10th season, featuring brand new cast members this year! Do you know it yet? Maybe this will help. They are the creators of some viral comedy sketches you may remember. DoesContinue reading “Studio C puts the “C” in NLC”

Nursing Students Win the Golden Ticket: Fazer Chocolate Factory

Everyone was overjoyed! Who doesn’t love a chocolate surprise? Photo courtesy of Miles. When associate teaching professor Dr. Leslie Miles and adjunct faculty member Curt Newman took their students to the Fazer Chocolate Factory tour during the Finland section of the clinical practicum for the public and global health nursing course, little did they knowContinue reading “Nursing Students Win the Golden Ticket: Fazer Chocolate Factory”