Nursing Staff and Administration Receive SAERA Awards

Photo courtesy of BYU Human Resources By Jessica Tanner Three of our incredible staff and administration have recently been recipients of the Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition (SAERA) Award: Kathy Whitenight, Cherie Top, and Cara Wiley. These amazing women have displayed levels of continual learning, innovation, and care that have improved the College of NursingContinue reading “Nursing Staff and Administration Receive SAERA Awards”

Utah Advising Association Unites Behind BYU’s Cara Wiley

By Jessica Tanner Students everywhere benefit from a group of experts who help guide them in their path to graduation. They help students learn about courses, internships, and opportunities that will give them invaluable experience. They are academic advisers. The Utah Advising Association is a network of academic advisers throughout the state. They meet monthlyContinue reading “Utah Advising Association Unites Behind BYU’s Cara Wiley”

Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Health

By: Mindy Longhurst May 13-19 is National Women’s Health Week. Along with Mother’s Day, this week celebrates all the women in your life. National Women’s Health Week also recognizes how females of all ages are healthy and what they can do to become healthier. As a woman, I know how difficult it can be toContinue reading “Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Health”