BYU Nursing Alumni Consistently Satisfied with Their Education

Every year, BYU sends out a survey to all alumni who graduated three years prior. In 2015, the graduating class of 2012 was asked about their satisfaction with BYU and their respective college.  After receiving numerous responses, BYU compiled the data and informed each college about their performance. Over the past 12 years, between 94-97%Continue reading “BYU Nursing Alumni Consistently Satisfied with Their Education”

Beanies of Love

Nursing students have the opportunity to serve many people by fulfilling their clinical assignments. The following is a touching story contributed by Janet Bergera, an instructor of one of these clinical sections.  While BYU College of Nursing students are serving our country’s veterans at the Mervyn Sharp Bennion Central Utah Veteran’s Home in Payson, oneContinue reading “Beanies of Love”