The AACN is Back in Utah!

Many in the area, like Anderson and Dewitt, understand the importance of having knowledgeable and prepared nurses in our community’s hospitals and urgent care facilities. For that reason, they led the charge of bringing the AACN back to our area. Thanks to their efforts over the past few months, the option is now available for all nurses in Utah to be a part of the AACN.

“To be able to help heal people is a really wonderful thing.”

By Alex Coleman “Something that has motivated me my whole life, in everything I do, is the mantra ‘be a lover of learning,’” says Jaren Smith, a second-semester nursing student, and student spotlight for the week. “College has given me the skills and a platform to chase knowledge, and BYU Nursing has given me aContinue reading ““To be able to help heal people is a really wonderful thing.””