Graduate Student Appreciation Week: Megan Schultz

As we celebrate Graduate Student Appreciation Week, a week on BYU campus where faculty and students honor graduate students who are producing incredible research and work in their respective field of study, we are thrilled to recognize Megan Schultz, a student in the Family Nurse Practitioner program.

Megan Schultz (left) and Dr. Neil Peterson (right)

“Every year, Graduate Studies asks us to nominate an outstanding student. Specifically, they ask that we find an excellent student, such as one who, “actively [fulfills] the aims of a BYU graduate-level education” and “[achieves] excellence in the discipline…and to society,”” Dr. Neil Peterson explains. “Megan Schultz meets and exceeds these qualifications. Both faculty and her fellow students have noticed that she has a great attitude in class. She approaches lab, clinical, and class eager to learn and she works well within a team. She displays consistent effort and positive attitude, and that has not gone unnoticed. She completed a scholarly paper with Dr. Blaine Winters entitled, “Recommendations for Infection Control in Congregate Shelters Following a Natural Disaster.””

“When I found out that I was being honored during graduate student week, I felt very humbled,” Megan says. “I know the fourteen others in my cohort very well, and I am sure the students in the other cohort are equally as awesome. I know how great these students are and how many of them deserve to be recognized as well, so this made me even more grateful for the honor of this recognition.”

This recognition isn’t just an honor for Megan and her hard work; it’s an honor for her entire family’s hard work. “My family and I have made many sacrifices and I have worked very hard while in graduate school. This honor serves as a “job well done” for all of the hard work I have put in.”

Megan is grateful for her opportunity to be educated at BYU and appreciates the inclusion of spirituality in her education. “My instructors and fellow students have helped me to understand exactly how I can serve the Lord and involve him in my decisions as a nurse practitioner in order to enrich the lives of those in my care. I love that I have been able to incorporate the spiritual aspect of healing through Him throughout my education.”

Congratulations to Megan as well as all of the other graduate students across campus who have been honored!

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