Choose 2 Give Campaign 2022

Photo of BYU Alum with Two SNA Board Members Rachel Panah and Rylea Milne

Choose 2 Give is a student-run and student-funded campaign which helps students in need to receive a BYU education. One hundred percent of the money raised is used to benefit BYU students.

Our Choose 2 Give campaign will be Monday, February 28, through March 15. BYU nursing students can donate by visiting the church’s philanthropies website. After making a gift, students can show an employee of the NLC or someone in room 500 of the Kimball Tower a screen capture of the completed screen to receive a gift bag with a blue ping pong ball. On the NLC hanging folder file cabinets, there are six semester jars. Each student should place their ping pong ball in their semester jar. Faculty and graduate students are also participating, but they are given white ping pong balls and may choose to support whichever semester they want. 

This year, the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University is competing to see which semester will have the most donors. The winning semester will receive a gourmet cupcake party from Alisha’s cupcakes, a delicious dessert company in Sandy, Utah.

Congratulations to the fourth semester for being in the lead this week! We wonder if they’ll stay in first place…

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