The Knight Society

Jesse and Amanda Knight Society Logo

The Jesse and Amanda Knight Society is a group of donors who named Brigham Young University (and/or the College of Nursing) in their wills, trusts, life insurance policies, gift annuities, or other estate planning methods.

Dr. Mary Williams (interim dean 2007) spent 41 years as a professor, including 27 years as an associate dean at the college. She graciously included BYU in her estate plans. “At BYU, we teach differently. It’s the mission that makes the difference,” Williams said. “While I got my bachelor’s degree, the faculty at the College of Nursing were great examples and planted seeds that later prompted me to return.” Read the full, remarkable story at:

Photo of Dr. June Leifson

Dr. June Leifson, former college dean (1986-1993), is a longtime Jesse and Amanda Knight Society member. Although she faced many medical challenges, she obtained a nursing education from BYU and had a successful career. Read her moving story here:

These donors and many more like them understand the essential nature of quality education. Through the support of generous benefactors, the College of Nursing can improve facilities, fund necessary research, and sponsor students in need. In return, patrons can reduce estate taxes and become part of the college’s legacy.

To learn more about planned gifts or become a member of the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society, reach out to Dean Lassetter at or visit Be sure to include the College of Nursing as a designated beneficiary in your gift to the university.

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