College of Nursing Celebrates New Students through Orientation Dinner

On January 3rd, the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University hosted a New Student Orientation dinner to welcome our new first semester students and celebrate their accomplishment of getting into the program. This semester, we welcome sixty-six students, fifty-eight females and eight males. Together they represent 14 states and five foreign countries: China, Brazil, Jamaica, Venezuela, and Chile.

The newest cohort at the College of Nursing!

Zack Jordan is one of our incoming students and one of eight males in the cohort. “The BYU Nursing program is very well known and competitive, so I like that aspect; it’s something that I’ve taken pride in,” he says. “I’m excited to be a nurse because the field is very diverse and it gives me a lot of options as far as my future career.”

Zack Jordan

Another incoming student is Baylee Lovell. She says, “I’m excited to be a nurse because I’m excited to learn more ways to help people, and I’m excited to be in the BYU Nursing program because it’s the best program to learn how to help people like the Savior.”

Baylee Lovell

The College of Nursing is blessed to have international students as a part of its program. Included in this blessing is Mika Zu from China. “A nurse’s job requires the constant exercise of so many Christ-like attributes,” she explains. “This is a job where I can make a difference and would be a job worth doing.”

Mika Zu

Congratulations to our new cohort! We can’t wait to see what your future holds.

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