Congratulations to Dr. Shelly Reed

By Eliza Joy

Every year, a BYU College of Nursing faculty member is awarded the Mary Ellen Edmunds “Learning the Healer’s art” Fellowship. The awardee receives funding for three years to put towards their research in progressing the Healer’s art. Receiving this fellowship is a great honor, and this year’s honoree is Dr. Shelly Reed.

Reed’s qualitative research hopes to answer the question, “What does the Healer’s art mean to BYU College of Nursing faculty, students, and alumni, and how does it guide personal nursing practice?”

“Defining the meaning of the Healer’s art through qualitative inquiry will help us to understand better what aspects of the Healer’s art we are learning and applying in our nursing practice,” Reed stated. “In addition, it will help us learn how this has shaped other parts of our lives. Sharing our stories with others will help them to know as well, so they can then learn from our narratives.” In essence, the research is designed to develop the Healer’s Art Theory.

Reed commented, “I am excited to receive this fellowship. As an undergraduate nursing student, I attended BYU and have taught at BYU since 2005. I strive to practice the Healer’s art in my personal life and nursing practice. I emphasize the word “practice” here, as I believe this is something I always need to work on as an imperfect person. The study I will be conducting through the Mary Ellen Edmunds fellowship is qualitative, meaning the words of others will be collected and analyzed to give meaning to a topic, which in this case is the meaning of the Healer’s art to personal life and nursing practice. There is a lot from what BYU nursing students, alumni, and faculty say about this. I also feel using the ideas developed from this qualitative study to develop a mid-range theory on what the Healer’s art is will help us in the BYU College of Nursing as we go forward in our lives and personal nursing practice try to become more like Him. I am grateful the fellowship provides me this opportunity.”

The College of Nursing wants to congratulate Dr. Reed on this achievement and looks forward to her research’s impact.

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