Student Spotlight: Kari Marquis

By Eliza Joy

Our next student spotlight is Kari Marquis! Kari, a fourth-semester student from the Bay Area. Though the youngest of six, Kari is the first of her siblings to attend BYU. Her love for the gospel and desire to have peers who are also members helped guide her to Provo. “I heard BYU was hard to get into,” Kari recalls. So she set the goal in elementary school to get into BYU and worked towards that goal through getting good grades, volunteering, and participating in extracurricular activities.

Kari was guided to nursing by her innate interest in how the body works. While in middle school, Kari’s mother was completing a nursing degree and related stories and experiences from clinicals. Then in high school, Kari took an anatomy class where she fell in love with learning about the miracle of the human body. “I understood how much God wanted to bless me by giving me a body,” she says. “It’s the same feeling I get when I go stargazing, and I fall in love with and in awe of the universe and that God created it for us.”

Some of Kari’s favorite experiences while in school come from working in labor and delivery. “Giving birth is such a transformative moment for mothers and families, and it is just such an honor to witness those transformations in people and see them in these tender moments.” She hopes to work with children after graduation, either as a labor and delivery nurse or at Primary Children’s Hospital in the emergency room.

During the summer of 2020, Kari spent quarantine with her family, where she learned the guitar. “My dad and brother are really good, and I wanted an excuse to learn,” she remembers. She also likes to sing and has been involved in many choirs, such as UVU’s institute choir and Voice for Good. Singing while playing the guitar has become one of Kari’s go-to study breaks, particularly playing Taylor Swift music. As her family recently moved to Utah, Kari spends much of her time with them, especially her five nieces.

Through her time at BYU, Kari has learned important truths that have helped her success so far. “We are capable of so much more than we think we are,” she says. Though schooling has gotten increasingly demanding, it has also gotten more manageable as she recognizes her strength and resilience.

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