Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Jennings

By Kathryn Mulligan

The alumni from the College of Nursing are exceptional and passionate. Lauren Jennings is not different. Since graduating in December of 2016, Lauren has continued to practice the Healer’s art with passion and compassion for all those around her.

Lauren Jennings

Immediately after graduating, Lauren began working at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City on their cancer transplant unit before transferring to the outpatient cancer transplant unit. During her time at Primary Children’s, she was able to work with the Spanish population, a thrilling reality for Lauren after serving her mission in Chile. However, she noticed that Spanish-speaking only patients didn’t always get the best care due to the language barrier. This is where her passion for serving the Spanish population began.

While working at Primary Children’s, she began an online program at Frontier Nursing University to become a nurse practitioner. When it came time for her to arrange her clinicals, COVID-19 hit and limited her opportunities to find clinicals in Utah. Luckily, her mom is a nurse practitioner in Georgia and was able to help arrange clinicals for Lauren in Georgia, nearly 2000 miles away. In order to get her clinical hours in, Lauren quit her job and moved across the country mid-pandemic to Georgia.

Lauren was able to successfully complete her nurse practitioner program and graduated at the end of September. Just a few weeks later, she hit another life milestone and got married. (Yes, she was planning her wedding while finishing her program. And no, she would not recommend it.) She and her husband currently live in Orlando, where her husband is from, and she is looking for a job. While she’s open to different possibilities and opportunities, her dream is to work with the Spanish population she grew to love on her mission and working at Primary Children’s Hospital. Her next goal to help her accomplish this dream is to become certified as an interpreter for Spanish, something that will allow her to work with the Spanish population as a bilingual nurse practitioner.

Lauren and her husband

As a student of the Healer’s art, Lauren has a strong testimony of its power. “The Healer’s art meets us where we’re at,” she says. She loves that the Master Healer meets her halfway in her understanding and knowledge, and aims to do the same for her patients. She wants to meet them where they are in their understanding and knowledge, and give them the information and care  they desire when they’re willing to receive it. She also embraces the idea that the Savior is always there for her, motivating her to always be there for her patients no matter the situation, treatment, or conflict.

Outside of her career, Lauren has several hobbies. One of her favorite hobbies is reading, specifically self-help books. During the pandemic, she took up cake decorating and has been honing her decoration skills by making cakes for birthdays and various special events. Lauren also loves traveling and seeing the world. While many of her travel plans got ruined by the pandemic, including spending a summer in Europe with her sister, she has recently made up for it by going to Hawaii with her husband on their honeymoon.

We want to offer the biggest congratulations to Lauren on becoming a nurse practitioner and her marriage! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes within the Healer’s art.

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