Welcome Mike Robinson to the College of Nursing!

By Kathryn Mulligan

Dr. Mike Robinson is one of our newest professors at the College of Nursing. After graduating from Weber State University with his bachelor’s in nursing, he graduated from BYU’s Master’s in Family Nurse Practitioner Program in 2013 and went on to earn his Doctorate in Family Nurse Practitioner from Oregon Health and Science University in 2016. He has returned to the College of Nursing as an Assistant Teaching Professor and we are thrilled to have him with us!

Photo of Mike Robinson

Medicine has been on Dr. Robinson’s mind since he was young, but due to the nature of life, his interest in medicine got lost along the way. By the time he left on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, his career goals were focused on law enforcement and joining the FBI. During the last few months of his mission, Dr. Robinson was blessed to spend an extensive amount of time with his mission doctor, Dr. Toby. It was Dr. Toby that discouraged Dr. Robinson not only from going into law enforcement, but also from becoming a doctor. Dr. Toby insisted that Dr. Robinson pursue nursing with the final goal of being a nurse anesthetist. When he returned home, he began studying nursing. However, his ICU unit of nursing school helped him discover he found the work of a nurse anesthetist and found himself drawn to family medicine.

Dr. Robinson worked as a family nurse practitioner for eight years before recently making the switch to practicing dermatology. He has always been interested in dermatology and felt comfortable with the work of a dermatologist, but he struggled to find a job in the field due to its high demand and calmer environment. It wasn’t until he accepted his current position at the College of Nursing that he was able to obtain a dermatology job at a practice he had previously been looking at, a position that he is loving. Dr. Robinson still loves family medicine though and calls family medicine “its own majestic yet dangerous beast” due to how unpredictable yet wonderful it can be.

When Dr. Robinson is not working as a professor or dermatologist, he can be found enjoying the company of his family. He has a wife and three kids, a daughter and two sons, who “take up the majority of my free time.” When he’s with his family, he loves hiking, camping, traveling, and reading with them. In his own spare time, he enjoys conversing with those around him. He also loves yard work and calls it “odd yet therapeutic.” Above all, Dr. Robinson is a master of reflection and uses it in his daily life. He says, “I like to process improvement. I like to just think about how I can make that easier, better, faster.”

Dr. Robinson also has an impressive taste in both books and music. Some of the books that have impacted him the most are The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict by The Arbinger Institute, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, and And There Was Light by Jacques Lusseyran. As for music, his taste is vast and wide. Everything from country to rap to classical music can be found on his playlists. However, his true interest lies in the indie genre. Bands he frequently listens to are Jukebox the Ghost (his current favorite), COIN, The Mowgli’s, Bleachers, and Young the Giant. If you ever need book or music suggestions, Dr. Robinson is your guy!

As a former student and now professor returning to BYU, Dr. Robinson’s ultimate reason for coming back is simple: “I wanted to come back because BYU is unique.” He loves the fact that the Spirit of the Lord resides on campus. He believes that the Spirit is created and aids those on campus, both faculty and students, because BYU is full of “people who are genuinely, genuinely, genuinely striving to be good, wonderful people who try their very best to do good things.” He also finds peace in the relationship between the academic world and the spiritual world at BYU. He says, ‘It’s just this beautiful place where you can talk about spiritual things and things of science, and they can be married together and it’s good and okay. It has to be that way because that’s how it is in me. Like all these things have to live together in me, in harmony. And I love that about BYU.”

“I’ve loved every stage of the game,” Dr. Robinson says when reflecting on his career and relationship with the Healer’s art. “Nursing is this beautiful opportunity to be there at difficult crossroads for people, to lift when they’re feeling their worst, to celebrate and some of their joys like getting over that cancer diagnosis or waking up from that traumatic brain injury… It’s just been a really awesome adventure from my roots as a med surg nurse and ICU nurse, all the way through to family practice where I spent the majority of my nurse practitioner time to dermatology, and to now teaching which I think has been a natural progression.”

Congrats to Dr. Mike Robinson! We are so grateful to have him on our faculty and can’t wait for our students to get to know him better. Make sure to give him a warm welcome when you see him!

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