Student Spotlight: Melody Lee

Photo of Melody (center right) during her labor and delivery clinical

By Eliza Joy

Our first student spotlight of the semester is Melody Lee! She is entering her fifth semester here at the BYU College of Nursing this fall. 

Nursing was always what Melody wanted to do. Due to medical concerns, she spent a lot of hours in the hospital as a child. About her time in the hospital, she recalls, “I remember the nurses. Of course, there were doctors, but it was really the nurses who took care of me most of the time. It left an impression on me.” And it was the love and compassion shown by the nurses that influenced Melody to become one herself.

Whether or not to attend BYU was never a question for Melody. She believes that spirituality is essential to providing optimal care for patients.” Something we always say in nursing is that physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are all connected. So I think even if it’s not religious, being able to connect with your patients on a spiritual level is important.” Attending BYU was crucial as it’s an institution built for spiritual as well as academic education. It has helped promote Melody’s spiritual growth. She says, “I’m glad that I have this time to find my own testimony and have my faith.” 

Photo of Melody

Many students at this stage in their education begin work as an LPN, but Melody says she is committed to her research which studies the ways bedside care has changed throughout nursing’s history. Melody asks, “Is it still nurse oriented? Are nurses the best people to understand bedside care? Or have needs shifted to physical therapy or occupational therapy?” This research has the potential to improve nursing and ensure patients are getting the best care possible.

Melody’s favorite part about nursing is the service she can give. This is why clinical rotations are, for Melody, the most rewarding part of her education. Seeing how she’s making an impact in her patient’s lives, like the nurses did when she was a child, is what it’s all about. “I think working to become that type of person for someone else pushes me to do my best.”

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