New Cohort Group Begins a BYU Nursing Graduate Degree

By Emily Felt

The start of the spring semester is always exciting because it’s when we get a new cohort of master’s students. This year, we welcome 11 students from Virginia to right here in Provo. We’re also welcoming back seven BYU nursing alumni.

Back (left): Brent Kamba, Brooke Stacey, Kea Snow, Angela Jacobs, Paula Barney, Josh Pinson;
Front: Robert Kemsley, Rachel Anderson, Marinn Smith, Kinsey Owen, Erin Minhondo

When asked why she wants to become a family nurse practitioner, Erin Minhondo says, “I was impressed by the NP’s I worked with in the ICU and desired greater independence in my practice.”

The reason Brent Kamba chose to pursue his master’s degree at BYU is simple. “I always knew I wanted to progress to become an FNP from before I even started nursing school. I think there is a huge need for primary care providers, and I like the nursing philosophy. I chose BYU because I know it is a reputable school, and they have a well-known nursing program. I was a former student, and I knew that it would be a challenge. I knew it was a small program, and I feel like I would get the best education in this environment.”

Kea Snow says, “I am proud to be a BYU alumna and wanted that same pride with my master’s degree. I also knew that working in Utah County, my education at BYU would be greatly appreciated and recognized for its excellence.”

A similar statement comes from Josh Pinson. He says, “I believe that as an FNP, I can use my life experiences and talents to a greater extent than I do as a registered nurse. Brigham Young University offers top tier education/clinical experience and an established network of professionals and alumni.”

We are excited to see the amazing things each of these students accomplishes during their time at BYU!

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