Student Spotlight: Antonia Cash

Photo courtesy of Cash

By Brooklyn Murray

Our last student spotlight of the semester is Antonia Cash! She is finishing up her fourth semester in the BYU College of Nursing and will be graduating next year. Antonia was born in California, but she moved around while growing up and spent the last several years before college in Normal, Illinois. She served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mexico, Mexico City North mission and since returning home has worked at the MTC as a Spanish teacher and tutor. Because of her language proficiency, she is double majoring in Spanish and will also be completing a gerontology minor.

It took some time to convince Antonia to pursue a nursing major. She originally started as a Socio-Cultural Anthropology major, but was never set on it. During her mission she saw many people in poor health and wanted to make a difference, so she switched to public health. She enjoyed the community aspect, but realized that she wanted a more personal approach to healthcare so finally she applied to the nursing program.

After graduating, Antonia would love to complete a public health graduate program since she still enjoys that side of healthcare. She would still love to be a nurse and work with adults and be able to use her Spanish skills. She wants to contribute to helping an underserved population like Spanish-speaking adults, a pursuit that may manifest itself in a variety of ways over the course of her career.

Antonia says her favorite part of nursing is all the people she has met so far, but especially her cohorts. From helping each other with assignments, supporting through stress, or just doing fun stuff together, Antonia has made great friends with her peers. She says, “they are just amazing people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

One thought on “Student Spotlight: Antonia Cash

  1. I am sure she will be glad she finally landed in nursing. Better late than never as the saying goes.

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