Dr. Blaine Winters Receives the Red Cross Volunteer Services Award

In January of this year, the BYU College of Nursing’s very own associate teaching professor Dr. Blaine Winters was recognized with the Volunteer Services Award from the Red Cross. Dr. Winters is the Regional Nurse Leader for Utah and Nevada. His main responsibilities in that role are to recruit nurses to volunteer with the Red Cross and to keep those nurses engaged with the organization. He also participates in the disaster health services, and is responsible for helping those who have gone through a disaster by providing medical supplies, medications, or fulfilling other needs. Though there haven’t been many life shattering moments while serving, Dr. Winters describes his experiences as overall, “being part of a great organization and helping people when they are in need.” 

Dr. Winters got started with the Red Cross in an effort to give back to the community just a few years ago, so he was surprised to be recognized after such a short time. He says, “It was exciting to get a regional award and to be recognized for doing a good job.” To students who will be nurses soon Dr. Winters suggests, “Look around and consider doing some volunteer time, whether that is for the Red Cross or something else.” He believes the skills nurses have should be used to help those who can’t help themselves, regardless of the setting, and has found a way to do that himself. 

You may listen to an interview with Dr. Winters on the college podcast at


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