Student Spotlight: Abigail Fife

By Brooklyn Murray

Photo courtesy of Fife (left).

Our next student spotlight is Abigail Fife! She is a fifth semester nursing student from a small town outside of Boise, Idaho. This semester she is a TA for Dr. Karen de la Cruz, and a research assistant for Dr. Blaine Winters and Tracy Dustin. The research team is working on developing a protocol to help work with older adults who have fallen. The hope is for nurses to be able to properly assess any and all injuries associated with those falls, and then treat them more compassionately and effectively. Abigail says, “They’ve been great mentors to me and they’ve helped me find something in nursing that I really love.” Because of her research and other experiences, she has chosen to add a gerontology minor to help further her studies.

Abigail says she first considered going into nursing during her freshman year of high school. She was singing the hymn “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” and the line that reads, “I would learn the healer’s art” seemed to pop out at her. Though she hadn’t really considered nursing, she had always wanted to be in a place where she could talk to people often and make a difference. After thinking it through, nursing seemed like a great option. After coming to BYU and realizing that the motto of the nursing program is “Learning the Healer’s Art” Abigail felt a confirmation that this is where she needs to be.

A painting of the Meridian Idaho temple by Abigail Fife. Photo courtesy of Fife.

When she is not busy with her research or her classes, Abigail also plays the piano and the cello, and enjoys painting. Those activities have been a great outlet for her to relieve stress and take some time to focus on something other than nursing. They have also been a way for her to provide service to the community as she makes intricate cards or plays music for assisted living residents. Abigail enjoys being able to serve others around her and says, “it’s something so centering during a busy time in my life.” She has also found ways to serve through the YServe office and has especially enjoyed their hospice program that allows her to meet with people and learn more about them as they near the end of their lives.

When asked what her favorite part of the BYU nursing program is, Abigail responds, “my cohorts and working with the professors here.” With her experience as a TA and helping with research she explains, “It’s been invaluable to hear from professors one on one hearing about their experiences and their stories.” She is looking forward to continuing those relationships throughout her career.

After graduation Abigail is planning on working in a hospital to get some experience caring for people and learning more about nursing. Ultimately, she would love to be a hospice nurse and be able to care for older adults when they need her the most. She says that is what she envisioned nursing being for her, and says, “I want to be able to get to work with a patient one on one for a longer period of time and get to know them and their families and be there for them during that sacred part of life.”

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