Student Spotlight: Larissa Snyder

Photo courtesy of Larissa Snyder

Meet our next student spotlight, Larissa Snyder! Larissa is from Minnesota where she grew up playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. She even played basketball for Western Michigan University before serving a mission in Boston, then transferring to BYU where she played rugby for two years. Now she enjoys playing volleyball with her husband who she’s been married to for about a year and a half, fishing, camping, and being outside. Larissa is in her fifth semester in the nursing program. After graduating, she would love to work at the VA in Salt Lake, then go on to be a nurse practitioner, though there is room for adjustment in that plan.

When she’s not in classes, Larissa is a phlebotomist at Center For Change, an eating disorder treatment center. She says her time there has taught her to be genuine and to have a positive regard for everyone because you never know what people are going through. Larissa is also a phlebotomy instructor at Mountainland Technical College. MTEC provides classes for both high school students and adults who want to get into healthcare. Larissa admits it is always humbling being a teacher and trying to balance the instructional aspect and making connections with her students. Getting to know the students helps her know how to teach them so they will be their best. While challenging, it’s been a rewarding and advantageous experience that has helped her learn more effectively.

Larissa says she became interested in nursing because of the personal care her family received when she was growing up. “The nurses always remembered all of our names and what we were doing in life”, says Larissa, and that individual care made her want to be just like them when she grew up.

When asked what her favorite thing about the BYU nursing program is, Larissa says that the individual time with professors during clinicals and simulations has been incredibly insightful. Getting that time one on one (or one on eight) has helped her learn more about the field and about the professors themselves. She loves that personal aspect of learning and teaching. She hopes to be a nurse with similar values wherever she ends up.

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