Student Spotlight: Haokun Yang

Yang (third from the left) is looking forward to additional classes in the nursing program; Photo provided by Yang

By Lyndee Johns

When speaking to second-semester nursing student Haokun Yang, it’s clear what drives him: service.

During his time at Minot State University, Yang was highly involved in student government as a senator. He also participated in DECA, a business club. Through DECA, he was able to go to a national conference in Washington DC and compete in a business competition. A period of self-discovery for him, Yang says that he was able to discover that his “passion is really to help people and to serve others.”

The experience that got him into nursing was that of helping to care for his grandmother when she was in the hospital. He says that helping his grandmother and aiding the caretaker was the “first medical experience” that he had.

“And then from that experience I thought, ‘Maybe I can do something like that—to help people, serve others, and to help them feel God’s love through me.”

One of Yang’s favorite moments in the nursing program so far has been the final exam for NURS 294: Health Assessment and Promotion, where he was able to conduct a head-to-toe physical check. “At that moment, I really felt like ‘I am a nurse. I am going to be a nurse.’”

Yang looks forward to taking NURS 320: Scholarly Inquiry into Nursing—a class that focuses on research methodology. “I want to learn more about research,” Yang says. “I believe that experience is going to help me to take care of patients.”

In addition to serving people through the nursing program, Yang has been volunteering at the Y-serve program Anatomy Academy—a program that teaches elementary school students about the parts of the body and how to keep them healthy.

Haokun Yang
Yang has hiked trails in China and in Utah; Photo provided by Yang

In his free time, Yang enjoys reading, swimming, and being outdoors. While at BYU, Yang has been able to hike some of the famous BYU spots, including the Y trail, Provo Peak, and Mount Timpanogos. In China, his stomping grounds include Mount Hua.

Yang describes his hometown as “one of the most ancient cities in China.” Xi’an is well-known for its food and its many historical sites, including the famous terracotta warriors and the Qianling Mausoleum, where the first woman emperor in China, Wu Zetian, is buried.1

After graduation, Yang wants to take on the challenges of working in the ICU. “I like the fast pace and also the demand from that unit, and I also feel like I can keep up with both the physical and mental demands from that unit.”

The most important thing he’s learned so far in the program? “The Healer’s art,” Yang says. “To help the patients feel God’s mercy through the care we provide.”

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