Melissa Heinonen: Applying the Healer’s Art

By Corbin Smith “I would learn the Healer’s art.” One of the main goals of the BYU College of Nursing is to teach its students the Healer’s art. That includes caring for each of God’s children not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. The college hopes that each graduate will dedicate their life toContinue reading “Melissa Heinonen: Applying the Healer’s Art”

Daphne Thomas Elected as ENA President in Utah

By Corbin Smith This January, assistant teaching professor Daphne Thomas was elected president of the Utah chapter of the ENA. She is joined by BYU College of Nursing assistant teaching professors Stacie Hunsaker, Ryan Rasmussen, Scott Summers, Dr. Craig Nuttall and associate teaching professor Sondra Heaston in various responsibilities in the chapter. Thomas has alreadyContinue reading “Daphne Thomas Elected as ENA President in Utah”

BYU Nursing Boasts Seven Champions in Washington DC

BYU’s Shot@Life champions meet with congressman Ben McAdams in Washington DC. By Corbin Smith We love to imagine what we would do if we were gifted a million dollars. If you had a million dollars, what would you do? Would you share it or keep it for yourself? How would you use that gift toContinue reading “BYU Nursing Boasts Seven Champions in Washington DC”

Being a Nurse and Becoming a Father

Hyrum and his young family. By Quincey Taylor Becoming a father is a life-changing experience. You wake up one morning and it is just you and your wife, and the next day you wake up and there is an entirely new person depending on you for their survival. New plans for the future are formedContinue reading “Being a Nurse and Becoming a Father”

BYU “Levels Up” in Exercise is Medicine Program

Dr. Neil Peterson is excited to continue working toward a healthier BYU community. By Corbin Smith Click the link to see what Dr. Peterson and his team did last year to achieve the bronze level campus recognition! For some, it may be easy to believe that BYU’s only focus is the spiritual well-being ofContinue reading “BYU “Levels Up” in Exercise is Medicine Program”