Integrity When No One is Watching: James Reinhardt Receives DAISY In Training Award for Winter 2019


Reinhardt celebrates with his wife and son.

By Quincey Taylor

James Reinhardt, current BYU nursing student, was one of two students to receive this semester’s DAISY In Training Award, which is given to extraordinary nurses and nursing students. Selected by nomination forms filled out by other nursing students, Reinhardt really goes the extra mile in showing everyone around him that he cares. The college is proud to be represented by students like him.

When he found out he had been selected as one of this semester’s DAISY In Training recipients, Reinhardt felt surprised and humbled. He says about the experience, “I think it made me want to live up to those expectations a little bit more. To make sure that I can back up what they’ve said with my actions. It makes me want to make sure I’m doing everything, even holding the door open for somebody.”

“James never hesitates to help a patient that is in need. It doesn’t matter how smelly, how messy, how off-putting the job is. The patient doesn’t even need to be his – if he sees a call light that has been going off, he responds. He treats every one with respect and kindness,” says student Jane Harlan.

Allie Giguiere, current nursing student, illustrated this characteristic of Reinhardt’s by sharing an experience: “Last semester there was a code during clinical and James noticed that the patient’s father was alone and really struggling, so he went into the room and supported this dad and let him know that he was not alone. I was really impressed by his ability to notice a need and have the motivation and courage to fill that need. As a student, it is sometimes difficult to know your place in the clinical situation, but James put himself out there and did what he could to help a suffering soul. I think that is really what the Healer’s art is.”

It was really special for Reinhardt to have his family come and see him receive the award. Reinhardt enjoyed having his young son there and comments, “Having a kid in the nursing conference made me feel like a spy.”

When asked how he’d like to thank those that nominated him, Reinhardt laughs, “Besides owing them lunch? I guess I’m just really grateful that they notice the small things. It’s really cool to be caught doing something good when you don’t think that anybody else is watching.”

Reinhardt knows the importance of integrity at all times, at work and in his everyday life. He says, “Compassion is important in the workplace. However, it’s even more important outside the workplace because that’s when you’re not expected to be nice and you get to show who you really are.”

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