“Ray of Sunshine” Sherry Huang Receives DAISY In Training Award for Winter 2019


Huang and her family celebrate her achievement.

By Quincey Taylor

Sherry Huang, sixth semester nursing student, was one of two students to receive this semester’s DAISY In Training Award. This award, intended for extraordinary nurses and nursing students, was given based on nominations written by fellow students. From bringing treats to class to remembering everyone’s names, Huang truly emulates the spirit of the DAISY award.

Learning the names of all her patients and coworkers is really important to Huang. Laura Grenfell, fellow student, says about Huang, “In class, she knows everyone and is aware of the details of everyone’s lives. In clinical, she has compassion for the patients’ troubles and concerns.” When asked about this passion for people’s individual lives, Huang comments, “I think I picked that up from Gay Raye my first semester. As a student, when a professor calls you by name you feel so important. I wanted to be able to do that. I think the little things can show a lot of compassion.”

Compassion is something Huang believes is essential in the workplace. She knows that, “When you’re in the hospital, you’re with people in their worst days. They need compassion in that moment.” Claire Weeks, nursing student, shares an example of how Huang shows compassion on a daily basis: “Sherry never complains, and is able to lift everyone else up around her. Not only does she care for her patients, but she also cares for her other nursing students. For example, on our drive up to Primary Children’s, it was not uncommon for her to bring us all homemade muffins.” When asked about this, Huang laughs, “Food is very therapeutic!”

One of Huang’s most influential role models has been assistant professor Dr. Julie Valentine. She has been inspired by Valentine’s work and hopes to follow in her steps. Emily Santillan, current nursing student, says, “Sherry cares deeply for her patients and constantly strives to make herself into the best nurse possible so she can give excellent care. She has gone through an extra training program to help victims of sexual assault, has helped with research of sexual abuse, and hopes to become a SANE one day.”

It was really special for Huang to have her family there when she received the award. Her mother flew from Wisconsin. Her siblings both attend BYU and were happy to see their sister receive the DAISY award.

Huang has a bubbly personality and is able to stay positive even when things are tough. When asked how she is able to stay happy even on hard days, Huang responds, “I’m used to failure in my life, with school and with different life experiences, and I honestly think that has helped me a lot. If I don’t do well on a test or if something goes wrong at clinical, it’s easy for me to bounce back and think ‘everything will be okay’ because it always has been every time I fail at something.” She also heavily relies on prayer, scripture study, and church attendance to stay positive in difficult times.

To all those that nominated Huang, she wants to say, and I quote, “THANK YOU!!! 😭😭😭” She feels she has been influenced by so many other nursing students and believes, “People influence others a lot more than they think they do.”

One thought on ““Ray of Sunshine” Sherry Huang Receives DAISY In Training Award for Winter 2019

  1. So well deserved. A remarkable young woman who lifts, inspires and enthusiastically loves everyone with whom she associates .

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