Student Mentor Awards: Showing Appreciation to Preceptors

Thoracic ICU at IMC

Student presents mentor with Outstanding Mentor Award. 

By Quincey Taylor

It’s your first clinical at the hospital, and you are extremely nervous. It’s like a whole new world. You’ve read about this in books, but the actual application is so different. Your one lifeline is your preceptor, a fellow nurse that has worked in the field, that is guiding you through your experience. Without him or her, you would be completely lost.

Every semester, students are mentored by fantastic preceptors in many different hospitals throughout Utah and Salt Lake Counties. These nurses willingly volunteer their time and efforts to make students’ clinicals a positive experience. The faculty at the BYU College of Nursing are extremely grateful for these individuals and actively look for ways to express their gratitude. One way they do this is through the Student Mentor Awards. Students are asked to write about their positive experiences with their preceptors. Each of these preceptors are given an award as well as a gift. Clinicals would not be possible without the selfless efforts of student mentors.

Preceptors are given these awards in front of their colleagues, gaining recognition for their skill and care. Recipients who receive the award multiple semesters are given a special certificate and prize. One exceptional preceptor has received the award four times!

For students: To submit a Student Mentor Award nominee, talk to your professor. He or she will have the form to fill out and will deliver it to your preceptor.

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