College Employee at Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase

Quincey Taylor at Competition
Quincey Taylor speaking at the Donald C. Sloan Speech competition. Photo courtesy of Taylor.

By Mindy Longhurst

It has been said that some people fear public speaking even more than they fear death. Quincey Taylor, BYU College of Nursing’s Public Relations Assistant, took a speaking class this past Fall semester to overcome her fear of public speaking and to grow her skill base as a public relations major. In this class, she learned good speaking practices, how to be in front of an audience and how to make speeches more captivating.

When a student takes the Student Development 150 Public Speaking course, they are automatically signed up to be entered into the Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase competition. At the end of the semester, nine finalists from all of the public speaking courses are chosen to speak at the Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase.

Taylor knew what she wanted to speak about for her persuasive speech for the competition. She decided to speak about something she is passionate about- financial education. About financial education Taylor says. “So many students go to college and graduate without knowing about finances and in particular, the stock market. This is something that I believe in and is something that I think will help my audience which is other students.”

Taylor was chosen as a finalist out of over 200 students to present her five-minute speech at the Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase. Taylor was at first nervous to give her speech in front of so many people. But, because of her passion for her topic, she was able to stand with confidence and give her speech presentation perfectly.

Taylor wants people to learn about finances when they are young. Everyone can use tools like the stock market. When you start using the stock market when you are young and keep it long term, it will grow. Part of learning about the stock market is becoming educated in the stock market. Start small, even just reading one article or listening to a financial speech will help people to understand finances better.

Taylor believes that everyone should practice public speaking. She says, “I think it is a great skill for anyone. Public speaking can be applied in many different situations. Throughout your life, you are going to be asked to speak maybe at a funeral, or a wedding, or in church, or if you are a nurse you might need to speak at a conference or to your staff. Having those skills is really valuable.”

Taylor wants to thank Kevin Jones, her donor for the scholarship she received from the Donald C. Sloan Speech Showcase competition.

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