Career Night: Where Students and Professionals Connect (and what to expect)

WHAT On January 30, BYU College of Nursing’s first ever Career Night will provide an opportunity for you to sit down and talk with health care professionals. Nursing students semesters one through four are especially encouraged to attend. Please join us for this rare opportunity! WHY Deven Jennings, a Charge Nurse, says, “It should beContinue reading “Career Night: Where Students and Professionals Connect (and what to expect)”

All the Good We Will Do

Student Mikaela Heyland. Photo courtesy of Winter 2018-19 President’s Report. Nurses in training at BYU work in the nursing lab with manikins that display symptoms like real patients or even talk. Mikaela Heyland, a soon-to-be-graduate of the College of Nursing, says, “Now that I’ve worked in real hospitals, I realize that sometimes patients are emotional,Continue reading “All the Good We Will Do”