Student Spotlight: Elina Chun

By Quincey Taylor


Photo of Elina Chun. Photo courtesy of Quincey Taylor.

Even though she only stands at four feet and eleven inches tall, BYU College of Nursing student Elina Chun is a giant within her field and has big plans and dreams. Graduating this December, Chun reflects on her journey at BYU with fondness and looks forward to the future with anticipation.

Chun is part of the Honors Program for BYU students. She is one of two current nursing Honors students, and one of seven nursing students that have completed the program in the last decade. This program, whose aim is “to develop student-scholars from across the university who will become broad thinkers, creative problem solvers, and influential leaders” was a vital part to Chun’s experience here at the university. Chun took honors GE’s, went on a study abroad as part of her experiential learning, and created and defended an Honors Thesis. Her thesis, titled “Student Perspectives on Working in Interdisciplinary Teams to Improve Maternal and Newborn Care Using mHealth Solutions” will be published at the end of the semester.

Chun decided to enter the Honors Program because she always knew she wanted to go to graduate school. Defending a thesis while still an undergraduate seemed like a great way to prepare in a safe environment. She also loved the idea of interdisciplinary learning. She has enjoyed associating with professors and students in different areas of study. Chun also decided to do a business minor to be more well-rounded.

Service is also an essential part of Chun’s everyday life. Her personal mission statement – To give my best self to help others because of Him – inspires her to serve at every chance possible. She has been a program director at Y-Serve for the past two years. Before that, she served a mission in Tokyo, Japan. Balancing all these aspects of her life is something that Chun considers one of her strengths.

When asked how she chose to go into nursing, Chun expresses how she always wanted to build a life of service for herself. She was influenced by her father, who is a doctor as well as one of the most patient and kind men she knows. Plus, she laughs, “My favorite book when I was a kid was an anatomy book.”

Chun hopes to leave a legacy of service and inspire others to achieve great things. Her advice to the incoming generation of nursing students is that “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will inspire you to know your gifts and talents. Then you’ll be able to know what to do with them.”

After graduation, Chun plans on continuing working doing pediatrics at Primary Children’s Hospital. She has enjoyed working in the float pool there and experiencing something different each day. She is currently applying to graduate school at the University of Utah.

For any students that are interested in doing the Honors Program and broadening your perspective, please contact Dr. Deborah Himes at She would love to help you in any way possible.


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