University Launches SafeWalk Feature on BYU App

By Quincey Taylor When I came to BYU, it was the first time that I found myself walking home alone in the dark. I had always had a car when I lived with my parents, so to be all by myself in a new environment was somewhat intimidating, especially as an 18 year old girl.Continue reading “University Launches SafeWalk Feature on BYU App”

Peery Film Festival: College Hosts Films for Students

By Quincey Taylor Starting on Friday, November 2, the BYU College of Nursing is hosting two different films during the Peery Film Festival. Both will be free of charge. It will be a great opportunity for students to get together and support their university, as well as a fun time enjoying high quality films aboutContinue reading “Peery Film Festival: College Hosts Films for Students”