Welcome New Students Fall 2018!

By Mindy Longhurst

IMG_3850As a new semester starts, the College of Nursing welcomes a new class of future nurses to the program! It is an exciting time of the year. A total of 67 new undergraduates were admitted this semester, eight of which are returning from previous deferment.

A standard of excellence continues within the college considering the average BYU GPA for admittees is an incredible 3.88, along with an ACT score of 30. The average age is 21 consisting of 64 females and 3 males.

IMG_3860Associate dean and Assistant professor Dr. Katreena Merrill.

The program is well represented with students from across the country and even internationally. There are students from Peru and Canada, while 12 different states are represented including: Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

The newly accepted students attended an orientation and dinner last night. These first semester nursing students spent the time getting to know their fellow classmates and learned about the mission, values and creed of the College of Nursing.

Students expressed why they gravitated to the field of nursing. Callie Livingston explained that she was injured frequently and discovered that she loved the care that she received from nurses. Another student, Laura Wilcox, had a strong desire to become a nurse after a dog bit her badly. She said that the nurses gave her feelings of peace. “The nurses inspired me! It made me realize that nursing is more than just physical healing— it is also about emotional and spiritual healing.”

Congratulations on getting into the College of Nursing program!


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