August 2018 Graduation

By Mindy Longhurst

Celebrate!Graduates celebrating their accomplishment.

Camaraderie and excitement filled the room as 51 undergraduate students and 15 graduate students graced the stage for the BYU College of Nursing August convocation ceremony this past weekend. This ceremony marked the beginning of a new journey in the student’s lives. The theme for this year’s convocation was based on Sister Sharon Eubank’s talk “Turn on Your Light.”

Daniel SmithDaniel Smith speaking during the convocation ceremony.

Two students spoke during the ceremony, reminding their fellow students how far everyone has come. Daniel Smith, an undergraduate, focused on how the College of Nursing has taught them to raise their voice and to be a light unto others.

Smith says, “Each of us celebrated as we read our acceptance letters. With each semester that passed, our competitive natures changed from ‘How can I survive in this class?’ to ‘How can we help each other?’ to ‘How can I learn the Healer’s art to better care for my patients?’”

Brandon LewisBrandon Lewis celebrating with a loved one.

Brandon Lewis, earning his master’s degree, emphasized how no one is meant to do things alone in this life. He explained that nurses need to be able to help patients heal. His speech concluded with an admonition to turn to the Savior, the Master Healer.

Lewis says, “As nurses and nurse practitioners, I hope we recognize the privilege we have of turning on our lights to awaken the brokenhearted and help others rise from beneath the weight of pain and transform it…just as our Savior, The Master Healer, does for each of us. Because of Him, we never have to do this alone.”

Alumni board chair, Curtis Newman, explained the historical significance behind nursing pins, which all of the new graduates received. Dean Patricia Ravert concluded the meeting by telling the students to keep the Lord in their lives and added a few suggestions for how to continue practicing the Healer’s art.

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