Celebrate National Happiness Happens Week

By Mindy Longhurst There are so many different ways to celebrate National Happiness Happens Week! Below are some ideas of how you can celebrate. Serve someone and pass happiness on Serving others helps both parties to feel happy. The person serving feels good that they are helping someone, while the person being served feels lovedContinue reading “Celebrate National Happiness Happens Week”

Healthy Back to School Week

By Mindy Longhurst This week is Healthy Back to School Week! Since August is coming to a close, school is fast approaching. This week is all about getting prepared and ready for the new school year to start. Below are some tips to make sure your kids are ready. Healthy lunches Get some food readyContinue reading “Healthy Back to School Week”

Turn On Your Light

By Brandon Lewis Brandon Lewis speaking at August 2018 convocation. In light of this year’s graduation theme, “Turn on Your Light,” I’d like to share with you a recent experience. A few months ago, I had a mid-school crisis. Maybe you have had a similar experience, where you question everything you are doing and wonderContinue reading “Turn On Your Light”

Let Your Light Shine

By Daniel R. Smith Daniel Smith speaking at August 2018 convocation. In her general conference address, Sharon Eubank tells a story of how two innovative onlookers used their light to save the lives of two young boys caught in a rip current in Panama City Beach in Florida. As soon as Roberta Ursrey saw herContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine”