Pool Safety Tips

By Mindy Longhurst

Drowning is the most frequent cause of accidental deaths in 1-4 year olds. This is something that can be prevented. Below are some pool safety tips to keep everyone safe this summer.


Teach your children how to swim

If you have a pool or attend a pool, make sure that your children are taught how to swim. Knowing how to swim can save a child’s life.

Always have an adult watching children in a pool

When children are swimming in a pool, make sure there is adult supervision. This can protect the children from dangerous situations. An adult can call 9-1-1, can help a drowning child get out of a pool and if needed can possibly give CPR until proper medical emergency teams can get there.

Learn CPR

Learning how to administer CPR is a great skill that everyone should know.

Install a pool fence

Children can accidentally fall into a pool and drown. Installing a tall pool fence will ensure that children will be safe playing in the backyard year round.

Make sure drains are working properly

Drains for the pool are very important for the pool to function normally. Drains left uncovered can potentially be very dangerous. Make sure that your drains are covered and working properly.

Teach children swimming safety

Before children even get into the pool, they should be taught swimming safety. Children need to know what to do in the case of an emergency. Preparing them for a swimming emergency by teaching them swimming safety and how to handle emergencies will help the children greatly.

Pool maintenance

If you have a pool, make sure to keep it maintained. Cleaning the water frequently will ensure less bacteria is in the water.

For more pool safety tips, please visit https://www.poolsafely.gov/parents/safety-tips/


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