Prostate Issues

By Mindy Longhurst

There are two major medical issues affecting the prostate. These medical issues are prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is likely that most men will have at least one of these issues in their lifetime.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a very common cancer in men. It is estimated that about 160 thousand new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed annually. Prostate cancer for the most part, is a very slow growing cancer. Because of this, most men who have prostate cancer do not die from it.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This is when the prostate has become enlarged. This can be an issue because it can block the urinary tract and can make it difficult to urinate and cause other issues. BPH is very common. About half of men over the age of 50 have BPH and about 90 percent of men over the age of 80 have BPH.

Warning signs of prostate issues

There are several warning signs of having prostate issues. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Weakened urinary system
  • Getting up in the middle of the night to urinate
  • Not being able to fully empty the bladder
  • Frequent urination

Risks factors for having prostate cancer and BPH include:


Unfortunately, the older someone is the more likely that they will have prostate cancer and BPH.


For some reason not scientifically explained, black men are statistically more likely to get prostate cancer.


Having a healthier lifestyle is better for your body. Those who are obese have a greater chance of prostate cancer spreading further into other parts of the body. Diabetes and heart disease can increase the chances of having BPH.

Family History

If someone in your family has/had prostate cancer or BPH then you might be more likely to have prostate cancer or BPH as well.

What to do now

If you are experiencing these warning signs, have a higher risk of experiencing prostate issues or if you are over the age of 50 go and consult with your doctor about being tested for prostate issues.

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